MTE PTO Fall Pledge Drive


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2017 Fall Pledge Drive

Mountlake Terrace Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, MTE PTO, exists to enhance your child’s education by funding programs and services that go beyond what is funded by the Edmonds School District. MTE PTO relies on your generous donations to support many of school programs (art, library, gym, music, field trips, and assemblies) and community building events (Autumn Festival, STEM, Art Walk, Grandparent’s Tea, and End of Year BBQ). Two years ago we successfully switched from a catalog sale fundraiser to a Pledge Drive. The feedback from students, parents, teachers, and the community was overwhelmingly positive! We can't thank you enough for supporting the MTE PTO.


  • All donations are tax-deductible
  • Does your company match for charitable contributions?Many employers will match donations to a local non-profit!  Please contact your employer for more information!

School Rewards

If the school raises:                  

  • $3,000 Mrs. Harreld will host a Zumba session outside during one lunch recess!
  • $5,000 Mr. Ross will wear all 35lbs of his hiking gear for a whole day! To be clear some say it’s 45lbs of hiking gear with camping at school?
  • $5,000 Mrs. Twomey’s Class will have a pajama day!
  • $5,000 Mr. McCarthy’s class gets to pick a choice reward!
  • $5,000 Mr. Riggin’s class will get to tape him to a wall!
  • $5,000 Mrs. Luangamath will have a crazy hair day!
  • $5,000 Mrs. Bostrom will dress like Anna and break into frozen songs for her class!
  • $500 Class goal: Ms. Maria will let her class pick her hair color! 
  • $7,000 Mr. Winkeljohn will dress like a hotdog!
  • $8,000 Ms. Mary will get an MTE tattoo!
  • $9,000 Mr. Johnson will dye his beard MTE red!

Student Reward

Our fundraising goal for the 2017 Fall Pledge Drive is to raise $40 per student. We understand that not all families, especially those with multiple students, are able to meet this goal. Please know that every gift, no matter the size, is appreciated and makes a real difference in the lives of our students. Gifts can be monetary, BoxTops, and even gifts of time!  

This year every student and staff at MTE gets the opportunity to screen print their own t-shirt. Students will be printing the Native American MTE hawk on the cover of this packet, designed by our very own Margie Morris. You do not need to purchase a new t-shirt. Bring in something you already have. Do not pick a black shirt or garment because printing will be done in black, lighter colors are recommended, patterns are ok, and no graphics. The art teacher will be printing on a flower patterned dress for her daughter. Other garments should be ok so long as there is a flat surface to print on and a space similar to a t-shirt.

Send in the t-shirt or garment you want screen printed by October 9th. Mr. Riggin and Mrs. Luangamath’s classes need to bring in their shirts by October 2nd. Do you have any shirts you could donate for other students? If yes, please send them in. 

This is the image your student or student(s) will be printing onto their shirts: